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AdSense Disclaimer. This is the policy which defines acceptable use of Google AdSense on Accordingly, by visiting and using the Website, you are deemed to have accepted the provisions of this Disclaimer. We reserved the rights to took action on any illegal activity.

Google AdSense

Website has a Google AdSense, which is an online advertising service owned by Google LLC. There are different types of websites that use google AdSense which allows to place ads depending on users interest and web-activity. It uses cookies which helps the advertisement being served on these web pages to be served by third-party advertisers that help personalizing the content.

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It uses a cookie in an effort to improve on the user experience. These are tracking cookies that gather information regarding one’s preferences as well as online activities. We are not using cookies for advertising purpose. The basic purpose of cookies is that we just gather your general information to make your experience good.

Earnings Disclaimer

Healthyhireshub is earning just only by using Google AdSense platform. We are not provide affiliate services or sponsored ads. Google AdSense is the only platform we are using to earn.

Third-Party Websites

The website can also contain links that lead to other websites. The third-party websites do not in anyway relate to the content, its privacy policy and also practice. Any users who come across a third party site, should read through its terms and policies.

Advertiser Relationships

This website do not host relationships with specific advertisers, and part of the provided content could originate from such relations. On the other hand, we aim at disclosing factual and impartial information. Advertising and sponsorship will not accepted other then Google AdSense.

Changes to Disclaimer

We may change our disclaimer without any prior notification. Changes, if any, shall take effect immediately upon posting. This Disclaimer should be reviewed by users on a regular basis.

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In case you find any doubtful issues on this disclaimer, reach us through the contacts you can see below.