Best Love handle surgery for love handle removal

Love handle surgery for love handle removal is becoming very common. However, people are busy too much in their daily routine as they do not have spare time for dieting and exercising. First of all, people want to know how to hide love handles. Hence, they use different techniques like wearing tight clothes which will make them uncomfortable.

However, there exist many love handle surgeries in today’s market for love handle removal but people are unaware of the best and most guaranteed love handle surgery. First of all, hiding your love handles is not a good solution. You have to find the best and most accurate way for your love handle removal

However, if you are ashamed of seeing a muffin top in front of a mirror do not worry about that. In this blog, we are covering the best, most accurate, and guaranteed surgeries for your love handle removal.

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Best Love Handle Surgery

Liposuction love handles surgery

Nowadays, several people fighting for slim figures grapple with love handles. It is a term used to refer to excessive fat deposits surrounding the sides and waistline. Hence, liposuction is commonly used as a cosmetic surgical procedure in dealing with this problem. For more insight on the topic, visit this article where there is extensive information about love handle liposuction.


The procedure for body contouring is often referred to as liposuction, lipoplasty, or suction-assisted liposculpture (SAL). The operation is done with either local or general anesthesia

1. Preoperative Consultation

First of all, consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is necessary before any surgical procedure. The surgeon considers the general health status of a patient, explains what to expect, and analyzes the features of love handles so that the best option is chosen for love handle surgery.

2. Numbness

This procedure will require liposuction for love handle removal if done with minimal depths that may allow it to be carried out using a local anesthetic as desired by some patients .Hence, other factors that may influence a choice include the number of fats to be removed and the patient’s comfort.

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3. Surgical cuts

Love handle removal surgery involves small cleavages strategically placed near the targeted area. Hence, these cleavages are small and are generally less than half an inch in length.

4. Tumescent Technique:

At very first, the surgeon infused saline with local anesthesia and adrenaline within the targeted region. Hence, this makes the site less painful, reduces the bleeding, and enables easy suction of fatty tissues.

5. Tumescent Technique:

At last, the surgeon introduces a small tube called a cannula to vacuum out the excess fat from the love handles in a very delicate method. However, It is a skillful, precise undertaking aimed at smooth and realistic product output.

Coolsculpting love handles surgery:

It is one of the modern non-surgical cosmetic methods which have become widely applied. However, In medical practice it is used for the treatment of localized stubborn subcutaneous fat.

1. Pre-treatment Assessment

At very first, It is important that a person consults a seasonalized expert before undergoing Coolsculpting for love handles. During the assessment the patient’s history is considered.

2. Applicators

In the treatment procedure, the applicators, which are custom-made to fit on the desired sites. However, these applicators selectively cool off the fat cells located just under the surface.

3. Cryolipolysis Process

Cooling activates apoptosis which is an induction of a self-destructive mechanism on these fat cells. Hence, this happens over weeks upon weeks as the body works to dissolve and dispose of the damaged fat cells via their lymphatic system.

4. Treatment Duration

The duration of Coolsculpting a single love handle process is between 35 and 60 minutes. However, the number of sessions required may vary about an individual’s goals and the size of their fat deposits. They may have to undergo multiple sessions for optimal results.

5. Getting Comfort

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure, and sufferers can usually resume their daily sports right now after the remedy. Some may also moreover experience slight soreness, together with numbness or tingling, which typically resolves within a few days.

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Side Effects of Liposuction love handles

Post-lipo on love handle­s, swelling and bruising is usual. However, the skin may feel numb, a te­mporary change. You might see bumps or dimple­s on your skin after surgery. During early re­covery, itching and discomfort are common. Rarely, incisions might get infected – that’s a complication. Be aware that uneven fat removal can cause your love handles to look uneve­n. Sometimes, people have allergic reactions to ane­sthesia or medications used during the procedure.

Side Effects of Coolsculpting love handles

First of all, a patient could mention having short-te­rm diarrheas. A super rare thing, calle­d Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH), might happen. Hence, weirdly, more fat appears when it should have decreased calling for extra care. However, the skin might change color, getting darker (hyperpigme­ntation) or lighter (hypopigmentation) but this doesn’t usually last long. A fe­w people might fee­l like fainting, get dizzy, or start to shiver while­ or after the process.

Prices in US

  1. Liposuction for Love Handle removal: Liposuction costs can vary significantly, but on average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or more for one side.
  2. Coolsculpting : The price per treatment cycle can vary, but it’s common for each session to cost between $600 and $1,500.

The Point to Focus

First of all, if you are facing an issue of stubborn fat always try to consult with a medical professional. Hence, If you have a busy routine or you do not like dieting, or exercising you can move towards love handle surgery.


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