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    The A1c test gives the level of glucose in your red blood cells for the past week or months. Changing your diet plays the most important role in controlling your a1c levels. You must develop a well-balanced diet plan for controlling your a1c levels. Your diet must contain a high amount of protein, fat, and multivitamins. Carbohydrates must be low based on your medication and daily physical activities.

    Importance of Diet

    Firstly, the most important factor to lower your a1c levels is your diet. Eat food that is high in fiber, protein, and fats and low in carbs. Avoid foods that are high in artificial sugar and refined grains. Try to avoid non-starchy foods. Regular monitoring of your blood glucose will help you to make changes in your lifestyle. It is best to test your blood sugar two hours after meals as this can provide a more accurate reading of how you digest your food.

    Avoid skipping meals, as this can raise your blood sugar. Eat healthy, nutritious foods, including whole grains, fresh fruit and non-starchy vegetables. Also, choose protein-rich foods, such as eggs, soy, fish or chicken and lean cuts of meat. Avoid foods high in sugar, salt or fat. Achieving a good A1c level takes time, so don’t rush it.

    The best and effective way to control your a1c levels is to tracking your daily calorie. Your daily calorie intake must include adequate amount of protein, fats and vitamins. Carbs must intake for energy in controlled manner.

    Below is the best, fast and accurate way of immediate calorie tracking. You have access to change the metrics which one you want. You just have to add your basic detail and get the result immediately.

    Basic Information
    Activity Level
    Your results:
    Target calorie intake per day:

    A1C test is a strong instrument which allows to doctor to visualize of person glycated hemoglobin’s level, measured per two – three months. This device helps with diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes and also tells the patient whether the current treatment plan works.
    Many times, a high A1C results from people overeating. An excellent method of assisting you in keeping your A1C down could be to incorporate measuring jugs and weighing scales within your kitchen. This way, you will learn how to manage your portions size and leave out those sweets that may send sugar levels upwards.

    Also, you will be required to begin administering your medicines in a strict manner exactly as your physician has ordered them. Failing to keep up with your meds could result in dire consequences not worth the trouble. Numerous over-the-counter pills claim reduced A1C levels, and you should watch out as much of this is not safe or useful. For details on this, consult your doctor or a dietitian.

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