Learn Proven Diabetes Symptoms for Early Control and Care

Every disease has pre symptoms, diabetes symptoms are common so you can easily control and manage your diabetes before it becomes a disaster. Firstly understand what diabetes is and what are diabetes symptoms. Diabetes is an alarming disease but not a silent disease it has pre symptoms millions of people affected with this disease all around the world. In this blog, we learn about proven diabetes symptoms and its early cure.

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    What is Diabetes and its early detection?

    Diabetes is a metabolic disease that has severe effects on your glucose levels, glucose is a source of fuel for your body’s functioning. Diabetes has several types but the most common are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes your pancreas stops producing insulin that’s why you have to inject insulin externally but in Type 2 diabetes your pancreas makes a little bit of insulin and you can control the remaining glucose from pills.

    Pancreas and what is its role?

    The pancreas is a small organ under the liver. Its role is to produce a hormone called ” Insulin ” for regulating our blood glucose levels. But in the case of Type 1 diabetes, your pancreas stops working and your blood glucose levels elevate. In the case of Type 2 diabetes, your pancreas produces insulin but the amount isn’t enough to control your blood glucose levels.

    Proven Diabetes Symptome

    Identifying diabetes symptome is necessary for early control and care. There exists many symptome but the main symptome of diabetes are listed below:

    1. Intense Thirst

    One of the most common diabetes symptome is intense thirst. If you are feeling thirsty every minute then it may be a diabetes symptome. Immediately check your blood glucose level so you will know whether you are affected by diabetes or not.

    1. Uncontrolled Urination

    The other and biggest diabetes symptome is uncontrolled urination. It occurs due to huge amount of glucose in our blood streams. Our kidneys work very hard to remove this glucose thats why uncontrolled urination occured.

    1. Fast weight lose

    Study shows that People who have early diabetes symptome will lose weight very fast. When your body is unable to use glucose as energy then it starts using fat and muscle as a fuel thats why unbelievable fat lose occurs but keep in mind that its not a healthy thing its may be a red flag of pre-diabetes.

    1. Increased Hunger

    People with diabetes feel too much hunger instead of their normal routine. It occurs because our body is unable to get the required amount of energy from glucose. This is the pre-diabetes symptome so immediately approach a medical expert.

    1. Weakness

    High glucose levels can make you weak and dizzy, even after sleeping well. This is because your body is not using glucose as fuel.

    1. Blurry Vision

    Diabetes highly affect the lens of your eye. It becomes very chronic if you will not get a proper treatment.

    1. Slow wound healing

    Diabetes can slow down the recovery of wounds and injuries and it can become very chronic with time. Consult with your doctor if you are facing this kind of problem.

    Best Control and Care

    1. Consult with Diabetologist

    If you are facing these kinds of diabetes symptome, immediately seek medical advice. A professional diabetologist performs different tests to verify what type of diabetes you have.

    1. Make a healthy diet plan

    Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, then try to hire a registered dietitian to make a diabetes-friendly meal plan. Proper nutrition is a root requirement for diabetes management.

    1. Exercise regularly

    Regular exercise plays an important role in diabetes control. Exercise helps your pancreas to produce insulin so your body will become insulin-sensitive.

    1. Monitor your glucose level

    Try to regularly monitor your glucose level. Keeping track of your blood sugar  allows for better control and prevent you from further complications.

    1. Change Lifestyle

    Lifestyle changes, such as stress management and quitting bad habits like smoking, and drinking can have a positive impact on diabetes control. Discuss these changes with your medical expert.

    The Point to Focus

    Recognizing the proven diabetes symptoms is a necessary and very first step toward early control and care. If you or someone have these signs, do not ignore them. Early diagnosis and proper management can help you to live a healthy life.


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