Proven studies on masturbation and testosterone decrement?

Does masturbation decrease testosterone or not this debate is not the latest. Many studies are held on this subject, but some have had the same results and some are different. Hence these results are very confusing. As every person knows testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for good health, and muscle growth and maintains other hormones like prolactin, estrogen, etc. In this post, we will focus on both new and old studies on Does masturbation decreases testosterone or not to clear your view on this topic.

Proven studies on masturbation decreases testosterone or not

1972 Research on does masturbation affects testosterone levels?

This research was based on checking whether testosterone levels increase, decrease, or remain constant before and after sexual activity. Samples of testosterone were collected before and after masturbation. Before masturbation the testosterone level was healthy but after performing masturbation there seems to be a little fluctuation in testosterone levels. The estrogen level became high a little bit but they again came to a normal point within a day.

Results of 1972 Research

The results claim that masturbation and testosterone do not have a major relation. Masturbation does not affect your testosterone levels highly although it has a mild effect that lasts long for only 24 hours and again comes to its original levels.

2001 Research on does masturbation affects testosterone levels?

This research is performed on real people. They took 10-12 healthy men this research was based on refraining those men from masturbation for 20-21 days to see what are the outcomes of retention. Their blood and cardiovascular activities were monitored daily twice for each man. This research does not affect their nervous system during intercourse although their T-levels increase but a little bit.

Results of 2001 Research

The result was not too shocking. After the absence of 20-21 days, there are no significant results were seen. Just a mild elevation in testosterone was examined.

2007 Research on does masturbation affects testosterone levels?

This research was held in 2007 and the purpose of this research was to check the effects of masturbation or any sexual activity on the human nervous system. Hence, the estrogen level increases only in the nervous system in the specific areas of the brain. It had no effects on the overall body. For your information estrogen is a female sex hormone which also present in a small quantity in men. If estrogen level increase in your body then testosterone levels decreases.

Results of 2007 Research

This study clearly shows that masturbation or any sexual activity does not effects your testosterones level much although it increases some estrogen only in your brain areas.