How to achieve a good health with diabetes?

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    Following your doctor

    For achieving good health with diabetes it is very necessary to take all the prescribed doses by your doctor. Do not leave any dose on your own if you want to skip any dose first of all talk with your doctor. Remember that there are two types of diabetes first is called type and second is called type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes your pancreas does not produce insulin or you can say that it stops producing insulin. At that point, you have to take insulin externally by injecting it into your body. In type 2 diabetes your pancreas makes insulin but not the required amount so you can control it by oral medicine or by injectables.

    Hence, to know about what are your required doses to control your diabetes and achieve good health always consult with doctor. The doctor will take your medical test and examine what doses can fit your body. The common test performed to know about the blood glucose level for the last 3 months is called ( HBA1C ) test. Doctors will perform tests and prescribe you the doses for your good health and better diabetes management

    Diet for good health

    Do not use refined and sugary products like pasta, Coca-Cola, magi, etc. Always use whole grain food for good health and good diabetes control. Whole grain food includes brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc. These foods will provide you with excellent diabetes control because they are packed with fiber.

    To achieve good health try to add fruits and vegetables also in your diet. They are packed with lots of micronutrients which help you to control your diabetes and provide you good health.

    Patients with high diabetes lose muscle mass very fast. We recommend you add lean protein sources in your diet such as fish, eggs, meat, mutton, chicken breast, etc. Protein will help you to maintain your diabetes as well as your muscle mass.

    Taking too much carbohydrate in your diet will boost your glucose level. Hence try to limit the consumption of carbohydrate. They are mostly found in processed foods such as cookies, candies, chips, etc.

    Exercise daily

    Daily exercise is a key factor in controlling your diabetes. It will also help you to boost your testosterone levels as well as your metabolism. When you do exercise like running, jumping, or resistance training your body does not use fat as a fuel your body will use stored glucose or glycogen as a fuel hence providing you with good health and good control of your diabetes.

    Hence it is necessary not for diabetic people but all people who want to lose their weight and gain muscle. Resistance training is the only method to develop muscle mass fast.

    Remember that if you have diabetes do not go heavy when you are doing resistance training because it may cause hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a medical condition in which there is little amount of glucose in your blood stream Which is not sufficient to maintain healthy diabetes level. Hence you glucose level drop down and it will cause a stroke.

    Monitoring your diabetes

    Monitoring your diabetes daily is the best method to keep an eye on your blood glucose level. We recommend you buy a digital diabetes checking machine and monitor your diabetes at least 2 times a day. Firstly check your diabetes in the morning without eating anything and secondly check before bed.

    If you find any bad reading then immediately consult with your doctor so he will recommend you the best medication to control your diabetes. Don’t do anything by your own because you are not expert in it always get a professional advice.

    Sleep to control diabetes

    Sleep plays a very vital role in controlling diabetes because at the time of sleeping your body regulates the glucose and increases insulin sensitivity. If you are taking insulin then be aware of hypoglycemic attack. Check your glucose level before sleeping it will help you in two ways:

    Firstly you can easily know whether your insulin doses are high or low. Secondly, You will be aware of whether your blood glucose level drops while sleeping or not. A hypoglycemic attack is a stroke that occurs when there is not enough amount of glucose in your body. We recommend adding a healthy amount of carbohydrates with insulin to regulate your blood glucose level.

    For a diabetic or an ordinary individual 7-8 hours of sleep is very necessary for the proper functioning of your body.

    The Point to Focus

    Yes its possible to achieve good health with diabetes. You have to adopt all the requirements I have discussed above. If you are facing a high level of diabetes then making a delay will cause hyperglycemia. We recommend to consult with a expert to seek proper guidance and knowledge about medicine.



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