All Proven Impacts of Masturbation on Testosterone and age

Our bodies are affected in different ways with age increments, mainly our hormones and sexual habits. Firstly, People talk too much about testosterone and masturbation without giving a single medical proof. In this article, we will explore the proven medical impacts of testosterone and masturbation on age and sexual behavior. We will explain how these all are interrelated with each other.

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    Testosterone Vs Aging

    Firstly, testosterone, which is a male sex hormone plays an important role in men’s health like muscle building, sleeping and running, etc. Testosterone levels drop down gradually with increment in age and there are two major effects of this decline on the human body:

    Changing in hormones

    Testosterone levels decrease gradually with aging and your muscle mass also starts losing. The best way to minimize the hormonal effect is strength training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Strength training will not only increase your testosterone levels but also keep your joints healthy.

    Physical affects of aging

    With aging your body definitely faces many physical effects like losing energy, muscle strength, start gaining much fat and lowering your Testosterone levels.

    Testosterone and Masturbation the exact relation?

    Masturbation is an old sexual activity that is affected by both age and testosterone levels. Sexual desires increase with age and hormonal changes and most people think masturbation is the only tool to fulfill their sexual desire and it results in masturbation addiction.

    Erectile Functioning vs Testosterone

    The testosterone hormone is very important for healthy erectile functioning. Firstly, Testosterone affects the various aspects of sexual health, which includes libido, the production of nitric oxide, tissue health of your penis, and firm erection. There are various functionalities of testosterone firstly it helps to maintain good sexual desire and regulates nitric oxide production.

    Testosterone levels naturally drop down with aging. This dropdown, often called “andropause” affect erectile functioning. Lower T-Levels in older men result in libido reduction and also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED), which means erection would not be firm. ED is a common disease in men aging.

    The impact of testosterone dropdown may vary among individuals and it depends upon many factors like your overall health and lifestyle. The effect is not the same in all men. If this issue of ED or low T-Levels arises in your life, then consult with your doctor immediately.

    Masturbation Effects on Aging

    Masturbation is a natural sexual habit that does not affect your aging process. However, Masturbation has potential health benefits with aging. First of all, Masturbation may help to increase your sexual functionality and increase your knowledge of sexual concerns, which include erectile dysfunction ED and sexual pleasure. It helps you with stress reduction and improves your sleep and many other help benefits.

    Keep in mind that healthy sexual habit, including masturbation, does not increase the aging process or results in the decline of your cognitive functions. Your attitude must be positive for a healthy sexual life and aging. Yes, masturbation in a controlled manner is healthy and does not affect your aging process.

    Masturbation Myths and Facts

    Myth1: Testosterone decreases by Masturbation

    Testosterone and masturbation
    Testosterone and masturbation

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    There is no medical proof to support the claim that testosterone levels are reduced by masturbation. But, there is a little bit of fluctuation but comes to a normal position after some time.

    Myth2: Aging results in sexual dysfunction


    It’s not a guaranteed argument that aging results in sexual dysfunction. However, many older people live a very healthy sexual life.

    Myth3: Testosterone supplements increase your strength


    First of all, testosterone supplements are not a guaranteed path to increase your sexual health or strength. However, to use them please consult with your doctor.

    Our Point to focus

    In conclusion, masturbation and aging do not have a proven relation. However, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sexual power you must have to focus on your daily diet and activity. Firstly, maintain them both to get optimal results in the future.


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