Masturbation addiction is it a sin or not what bible say about it?

People are curious to know what the religious aspects of masturbation addiction whether masturbation addiction is a sin or not and how much masturbation is too much. They also want to know what will God do with the people who indulge too much in masturbation addiction. In this blog, we’ll learn about the moral aspects of masturbation in the context of the Bible. We will simply explain that, whether it is a sin in the Bible or not, and what are the religious beliefs about masturbation addiction. We will also discuss the issues of masturbation addiction.

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    Bible view about masturbation addiction

    There are no signs found about masturbation addiction in the Bible whether it is a sin or not. Some people think it’s fine if it doesn’t lead you towards chronic addiction. Other people think that masturbation is your personal choice. The Bible doesn’t make it clear whether it is a sinful act or a natural act please keep in mind that every person thinks differently about masturbation your beliefs do not match with others. Please do not make masturbation a chronic addiction keep busy yourself with physical activities.

    A Shaolin monk says that:

    “ Do not waste your time on chronic addictions always believe in yourself and make yourself strong both physically and mentally “

    Religious perspectives of masturbation addiction

    Religious perspectives of masturbation addiction
    Religious perspectives of masturbation addiction

    Different religions give different perspectives about masturbation addiction whether it is a sin or not. In Religions, like Christianity and Islam there are different groups and most of them consider it an addiction and a sinful act. They ask their followers to develop self-control and stay away from this chronic addiction. Secondly, beliefs, such as Hinduism and Taoism, mostly accept it and do not consider masturbation as an addiction. Thus, it’s important to keep in mind that perspectives on masturbation addiction vary widely, Open conversations make it easy to understand whether it is a sin or not.

    Mutual Masturbation in Islamic point of view

    In Islam, sexual activity is a lawful act (halal) between a husband and a wife. Any other sexual pleasure outside of this act is considered (haram). Haram means the act which is strictly prohibited and Allah will punish you on the day of judgment. Masturbation addiction is also one of them, which is discouraged because it will harm your relationships and make you materialize. It’s necessary to note that perspectives of Islam vary among scholars and communities. Liberal scholars do not consider masturbation addiction an unlawful act. We advise you to seek guidance from knowledgeable Islamic scholars or religious authorities.

    How Much Masturbation Is Too Much?

    How much is too much
    How much is too much

    Person-to-person Variation

    What’s considered “too much” is different from person to person. Some people consider masturbation addiction a natural pleasure and some consider it an unlawful (haram) act.

    Affecting your Daily routine

    When masturbation addiction starts to involve your daily duties, work, relationships, or other necessities, it is a sign of chronic addiction. Balancing your marriage relationships becomes crucial.

    Emotional Stress

    If masturbation addiction develops emotional stress, and makes you feel guilty, or anxious, know this time to consult with your doctor. It is very necessary to keep yourself safe from this chronic addiction.

    Feeling Physical Discomfort

    Too much masturbation can lead to physical discomfort, such as soreness or chafing. Give attention to your body’s signals and adjust them as early as possible. Make masturbation healthy try once a week or twice a month do not pump the brakes. Too much masturbation affect your testosterone levels.

    Try to communicate openly

    Try Openly discussing your masturbation addiction with your partner, if you have any kind of addiction open communication can help to maintain a healthy sexual life.

    The point to ponder

    The point to remember is that addiction to anything is bad whether it is a masturbation addiction or any other addiction. If you are addicted to masturbation kindly examine yourself and try to control your addiction. If you do not succeed in controlling this addiction try to talk with a sexologist openly about your addiction.


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