Masturbation cause weight loss or not what is the truth?

Masturbation is a natural habit but its addiction is not natural. Masturbation addiction is a self-developed habit. There are a number of people who claim that masturbation results in weight loss. In this blog post, we will explore masturbation addiction in a scientific way and determine that, does masturbation cause weight loss or not. We will also learn about the pros and cons of masturbation.

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    What is the meaning of masturbation

    Masturbation is not new it is an old act of stimulating yourself for sexual pleasure without a partner. It is a healthy activity to explore and learn about your sexuality, most person engage with masturbation once in their life. It is a very healthy activity if you do it within a limit because access to anything is bad.

    Masturbation Addiction vs weight loss

    There are many rumors and false arguments about masturbation addiction and weight loss. The biggest myth is that masturbation can cause weight loss. People are just talking about here and their without giving an actual scientific reason. To know about its validity we have to learn this topic in detail.

    Role of Human Metabolism

    The daily intake of calories and the daily expenditure of calories primarily cause of weight loss or weight gain. If you consume more calories than your daily requirement, you will gain weight, and if you eat less than your daily requirement then you start losing weight. Physical activity plays a very important role in calorie burning.

    Masturbation addiction and Calorie burning

    This is the very often question does masturbation, like any other physical activity, burn calories? However, masturbation burns a very low number of calories the expenditure is too low that it is not effective for weight loss. But, the one thing is that the energy expenditure during masturbation is the same as sitting, cycling, etc.

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    Science-based study on Masturbation and Weight Loss

    There are no specific Science-based studies that directly claim the relationship between masturbation addiction and weight loss. There exist very less studies on the effects of masturbation and weight loss. Different studies claim different things there is no clear study that claims masturbation addiction ultimately causes weight loss.

    Proven Benefits of Masturbation

    1. Reducing Mental Stress

    Masturbation in a limited manner reduces your stress, and anxiety and provides complete relaxation.

    1. Improvement in sleeping

    For some people, the release of endorphins during the act of masturbation will help you to improve your sleep quality.

    1. Get relief from cramps

    Masturbation may reduce cramps and other types of pain, as it releases endorphins and increases blood flow.

    1. Learning about yourself

    Masturbation in a limited way helps you to learn about your sexual behavior, and your sexual limits but keep in mind that do not pump the brakes.

    Lifestyle and weight loss

    Weight loss is not easy it’s a very difficult issue, and no single activity, including masturbation, will help you to lose weight rapidly. There are many factors included for optimal weight loss, such as a balanced diet, daily physical activation, and proper stress management. It’s difficult to focus on an overall healthy but consistency is the key. Hard work is not important consistency is important.

    Our Point to focus

    The result of all this discussion is that masturbation single is not enough for weight loss you have to focus on your daily habits like eating, physical activities, sleeping, drinking, etc for easy and optimal weight loss.


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