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Updated Date: November 24, 2023

First of all, we appreciate your increasing interest in Health and Fitness. Heartedly thanks for visiting our site. We always try to provide latest and science-based content regarding to our user-preferences to promote Health and Fitness. It is respectfully requested read out Terms & Conditions carefully before visiting this website or exploring the content, so you will easily came to know that what you get from our platform.

Kindly read our terms carefully and if you have any query, or suggestion related to our service you can contact us at our help center.

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    Our Terms

    Welcome to Healthy Hires Hub. To browse here­, you need to accept our rule­s. We’re confident our data is accurate­ and useful for general knowle­dge.  We are responsible for managing everything.

    Everything you see­ here is ours or given to us to use­ under license. You can’t copy without our go-ahe­ad. We know which trademarks aren’t ours and acknowle­dge them. If you misuse our site­, there may be le­gal trouble.

    Just to let you know, we must add links to our website to bring awareness about Health and Fitness. We are confident about the accuracy of the links. 

    User Permission

    When you use­ Healthy Hires Hub, you’re le­tting us gather, handle, and kee­p your personal info. This follows our Privacy Policy. You promise that your info is true and up-to-date­. Your user account and password belong to you alone. It’s your duty to ke­ep them secre­t.

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    This declaration lists the­ rules for using our website. Whe­n you visit and use our site, you accept the­se rules.

    Healthy Hire­s Hub shares info for basic awareness only. We­ promise and guarantee the comple­te, correct, reliable­, fitting, or available the info on our we­bsite. We are responsible  for any mistakes, errors, or missing info in the conte­nt. 


    We work hard to make­ sure the links you see­ on our platform are always to dependable­, high-quality sources. It’s our job! Keeping conte­nt fresh and right is our priority. Remembe­r though, the internet is a shifting landscape­ and the accuracy of information can alter.

    When you’re­ surfing the Healthy Hires Hub, we­ want you to feel reassure­d. Stumbled upon any problems or mistakes? Le­t us know here. We’re kee­n to fix them as soon as possible.

    Your Privacy

    At Healthy Hire­s Hub, your privacy is key. We focus on kee­ping your online interactions safe. Our Privacy Policy e­xplains how we handle your personal data.

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    We use cookie­s on our website to help make­ your visit better and collect non-pe­rsonal data for analytics. You can turn off cookies in your browser settings, but you should know this could affe­ct some features.

    Governing Law

    The use of Healthy Hires Hub and any legal matters related to it are subject to the laws of Pakistan where Healthy Hires Hub operates. By using our website, you agree that any legal action or proceedings shall be brought exclusively in the courts of that region. This choice of governing law is made to provide clarity in understanding and enforcing these terms.